From Fabric D, F and G, from each cut:

 (2) 3 3/8’’ x WOF (8.57cm x WOF) strips. Sub-cut (12) 3 3/8’’ x 3 3/8’’ (8.57cm x 8.7cm) Piece 1 squares.

Ocean Waves

Step 3 should read as follow:

3. Place 1 Strip Set A (Fabrics A-H) right side up on your work surface. Place 1 Strip Set A (Fabrics I-P) on top with the wrong side up. Fabric P should lie on top of Fabric A. Align the long raw edges. (Note that seamline stitches and seam allowances in the strip sets are not shown in Fig. 3 below). Before stitching, make sure that the seam allowances in both strip sets are pressed in the same direction. Sew the strip sets together at both long edges to make a tube. DO NOT PRESS either of the seams.  Repeat with the remaining strip sets and label them A and B.

Aurora Borealis Runner

Fabric O should read for sections B1, B3, B5, B7, B9, B11, B13, B15


1. Place a 3 1/4" (8.26cm) Fabric M square and a matching Fabric O square right sides together (Fig. 1a). Using the drawn line as a guide, stitch a scant 1/4'' (6mm) from both sides of the line (Fig. 1b). Cut apart on the drawn line to yield two half-square triangle (HST) units (Fig. 1c). Press the seam allowances in the direction indicated by the arrow (Fig. 1d). Trace the HST Trimming Template onto template plastic and trim each HST unit using the HST Trimming Template.


Use the attached HST Trimming Template to square up HST units in Step 1. (The finished HST unit will measure 2 11/16'' x 2 11/16'').

Magical HST Trimming Template
Use in Step 1 to square up HST units
HST template.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [54.2 KB]


Update to Figures 1 & 2. Please see attached image – place the smaller rectangles at an angle as shown. In this illustration the lower right is in the corner and the upper left part of the line touches the edge of the larger piece.

Urban Jungle

All 3 1/4'' (8.25cm) cuts should be changed to 3 3/4'' (9.52cm) cuts. This was an error that was missed during tech editing.

Fly Over 48'' x 48'' version

Update the following:

Birds in the Air Units

23. Arrange (3) Fabric A 45-degree diamonds with 2 Piece 5 Black triangles. First sew the diamonds together, begin- ning and ending at the seam intersections. Next, inset 2 Piece 5 triangles (Fig. 15a). Add a Piece 5 triangle to the opposite ends to complete the Birds in the Air Unit (Fig. 15b).


New patterns were sent to shops after 12/15/2017, please check with the shop if you purchased the pattern before that date.


Fabric A:

The last cutting instructions on page one shoule read:


(4) 1 1/4'' x WOF (3.17cm x WOF) strips.

Sub-cut: (64) 1 1/4'' x 2'' (3.17cm x 5.08cm) rectangles


Fabric I:

The third set of cutting instructions should read as follows:


Cut (1) 3'' x WOF (7.62cm x WOF) strip.

Sub-cut: (12) 3'' x 3'' (7.62cm x 7.62cm) squares. Cut each square on the diagonal once for (24) half-square triangles.

For the Square Blocks Sections N9, L9, S9.


Fly Over (70'' x 70'' version)

Changed below refer to pattern without page numbers.


Cutting (Fabrics A-X): Change the 3 5/8'' x WOF (9.21cm x WOF) strips to 3 3/8 (8.57cm) strips and cut 3 3/8'' (8.57cm) 45-degree diamonds.


Cutting (Black): Change 10 3/4'' x WOF (17.78cm x WOF) to 10 1/2'' x WOF (26.67cm x WOF) and cut 10 1/2'' x 10 1/2'' (26.67cm x 26.67cm) squares.


Step 5: Change Fabric A to Fabric C.


Step 6: Change Fabric C to Fabric A and change Fabric A to Fabric C.


Step 7: Change Fabric C to Fabric A.


Step 9: Change Fabric A to Fabric C.


Step 14: Change "Press the seam allowances toward the black triangles.." to "Press the seam allowances toward the unpieced triangles.."


Step 18: Change Fabric B/E to Fabric B/W.

  • Change first indent Fabric E to Fabric W.
  • Last indent change Fabric B/E to Fabric B/W.


Step 21: Change 7 1/2'' (19.05cm) to 10 1/2'' (26.67cm).


Step 23: Change Piece 3 to Piece 5.


Step 28: Change 7 1/2'' x 7 1/2'' Black squares to 10 1/2'' x 10 1/2'' (26.67cm x 26.67cm) Black squares.

Piece 1 triangles can be cut from the 5 1/4'' strip, the triagle tip is excess. You can use the Creative Grids CGRTKAL 45 (45-degree Kaleidoscope & Dresden Plate) Ruler to cut these which does have the blunt end.

Serene Butterfly

The image for Fabric E was missing from some of the original patterns. Contact me and I will send you an updated pages 1-2.

New York Beauties & Flying Geese

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