Urban Jungle

All 3 1/4'' (8.25cm) cuts should be changed to 3 3/4'' (9.52cm) cuts. This was an error that was missed during tech editing.

Fly Over 48'' x 48'' version

Update the following:

Birds in the Air Units

23. Arrange (3) Fabric A 45-degree diamonds with 2 Piece 5 Black triangles. First sew the diamonds together, begin- ning and ending at the seam intersections. Next, inset 2 Piece 5 triangles (Fig. 15a). Add a Piece 5 triangle to the opposite ends to complete the Birds in the Air Unit (Fig. 15b).


New patterns were sent to shops after 12/15/2017, please check with the shop if you purchased the pattern before that date.


Fabric I:

The third set of cutting instructions should read as follows:


Cut (1) 3'' x WOF (7.62cm x WOF) strip.

Sub-cut: (12) 3'' x 3'' (7.62cm x 7.62cm) squares. Cut each square on the diagonal once for (24) half-square triangles.

For the Square Blocks Sections N9, L9, S9.


Fly Over (70'' x 70'' version)

Changed below refer to pattern without page numbers.


Cutting (Fabrics A-X): Change the 3 5/8'' x WOF (9.21cm x WOF) strips to 3 3/8 (8.57cm) strips and cut 3 3/8'' (8.57cm) 45-degree diamonds.


Cutting (Black): Change 10 3/4'' x WOF (17.78cm x WOF) to 10 1/2'' x WOF (26.67cm x WOF) and cut 10 1/2'' x 10 1/2'' (26.67cm x 26.67cm) squares.


Step 5: Change Fabric A to Fabric C.


Step 6: Change Fabric C to Fabric A and change Fabric A to Fabric C.


Step 7: Change Fabric C to Fabric A.


Step 9: Change Fabric A to Fabric C.


Step 14: Change "Press the seam allowances toward the black triangles.." to "Press the seam allowances toward the unpieced triangles.."


Step 18: Change Fabric B/E to Fabric B/W.

  • Change first indent Fabric E to Fabric W.
  • Last indent change Fabric B/E to Fabric B/W.


Step 21: Change 7 1/2'' (19.05cm) to 10 1/2'' (26.67cm).


Step 23: Change Piece 3 to Piece 5.


Step 28: Change 7 1/2'' x 7 1/2'' Black squares to 10 1/2'' x 10 1/2'' (26.67cm x 26.67cm) Black squares.

Piece 1 triangles can be cut from the 5 1/4'' strip, the triagle tip is excess. You can use the Creative Grids CGRTKAL 45 (45-degree Kaleidoscope & Dresden Plate) Ruler to cut these which does have the blunt end.

Serene Butterfly

The image for Fabric E was missing from some of the original patterns. Contact me and I will send you an updated pages 1-2.

New York Beauties & Flying Geese

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