New York Beauties and Flying Geese

Noted quilt designer Carl Hentsch has always admired Amish quilts and quilters. Living only a short distance from an old-order Amish community has allowed him to explore their world and come to know and respect some of these quilters and their ability to create beautiful quilts without the use of electricity. Amish-Inspired Quilts for Today explores their use of color and design using modern fabrics and techniques. Based on a 6-color color wheel with various tints and shades used to enhance his designs. Basket quilts, log cabin quilts and star quilts with bursts and blooms of color. Be inspired!

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Beginning Foundation Paper Piecing

FEE:  $350 USD   - Seating unlimited

Amish Inspired Quilts For Today

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Learn the techniques used in the book New York Beauties and Flying Geese. Students will learn basic foundation piecing skills and curved seams. Complete at least 3 blocks in this workshop to get a head start on completing the quilt. The book New York Beauties and Flying Geese will be required for fabric requirements and cutting instructions.

Become a skilled foundation piecer with New York Beauty blocks and arcs of Flying Geese that amaze! Carl Hentsch simplifies a technique loved by many with his straightforward approach to curved piecing, foundation piecing, and simple machine appliqué. Complex piecing made simple! Expand your skill set and learn new tips and techniques for curved and foundation piecing.

Students will learn the basics skills of Foundation Paper Piecing. They will learn how to assemble a simple Foundation Paper Pieced Block and to complete a 33 x 33 wall hanging.

Who doesn't love a log cabin quilt? I wanted to take this quilt a step further and incorporate the log cabin block into a star setting. Think of this as a lone star quilt made with log cabins and 45-degree diamonds. Take your time, and you will end up with an amazing quilt. Choose a background fabric and four different colors each ranging from light to dark. Learn how to effectively use the 45-degree angle on your ruler as well as Y-seams.

New Barn Rising

color 101

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Fly Over​

Shattered Dresden

Learn advanced foundation piecing skills using complex shapes and templates. Students will be able to complete at least one complete block in this half-day workshop. Commercial patterns are available at local quilt shops.

Contract of Seminar & Workshops

Tic Tac Toe

seminars  (scroll down for workshops)

Take a journey with me from the beginning of my quilting carrier to the present. Learn more about me, 3 Dog Design and how I got my start in quilting. I show many quilts that I have made, including my original designs from by books Stars 'N' Strips Forever, Amish-Inspired Quilts for Today’s Home and New York Beauties and Flying Geese, as well as quilts completed for various magazines and fabric manufactures. See and hear how my quilting aesthetic has changed through the years “making the modern traditional and the traditional modern.”

Carl shares his inspiration behind the quilts from his current book New York Beauties & Flying Geese. Learn more about his color inspiration as he shares the quilts from the book as well as others that have inspired his quilting journey.

Fox Hole Pillow

Learn three indispensable quilt making techniques as you create this gorgeous 19” round pillow, using block techniques from Carl’s book, New York Beauties & Flying Geese. Get your hands on the fabric as you work with foundation piecing, curved piecing and machine applique techniques in a single project. Follow Carl’s tips for accurate ¼” seams and consistent cutting for a wonderful outcome. This combination of techniques creates a pillow with plenty of eye-catching color and movement circling the focal point center.

Curved piecing should not send a quilter running! Learn curve piecing techniques and conquer a small project without fear. Students will use plastic templates to cut fabric and learn some simple techniques to make a small 47’’ x 34’’ wall hanging.


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Workshop Classroom Requirements:
One table for display and one additional table for demonstration
Table space with enough room for each student to work at a sewing machine, with a large cutting board and iron next to it
Outlets and electrical capacity to support sewing machines and at least one iron for every four students.  **Access to the circuit breaker box is very important in case this is miss-calculated**
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For day workshops: Work wall that can be pinned into or movable design boards, such as 40" x 60" foam core, or insulation board. 40" / 1 meter (minimum) per student.


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· $450.00 per half day for up to 25 students
· $825.00 per day for up to 25 students
· $775.00 per day for 2 or more days, for up to 25 students

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Many quilters are confused when choosing colors and fabrics for their quilts. I discuss the color wheel and the many tools that I use to sect my color schemes. I also discuss my inspiration and how those translate to my quilts. Learn how to combine these techniques in your next quilt. Slide show, demonstration and quilts.​​

My Life in Quilts Trunk Show

Crazy Tula

Seeing Spots

Quiltmakers will learn multiple techniques in the class: Foundation Piecing, Y-seams, and using templates. Preprinted foundation patterns available for $5.00. Please review supply list on the back cover of the pattern. Pattern available at